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Pay Per Click Management Services:

India SEO Company ( Search Engine Optimisation)

Pay Per Click

A dedicated pay per click management service at a price you can afford. More and more companies are beginning to learn the benefits of pay per click. Unlike conventional search engine marketing which may take many weeks to deliver targeted traffic. A pay per click campaign will deliver quality targeted traffic to your site within hours! Best of all you only pay per visitor.
Our professional management service ensures that your money goes further! We eliminate the chance of overbidding and will make sure your chosen keywords deliver targeted traffic at the lowest cost per click!

What we will do for you:

Create and fully set up your pay per click accounts with Google AdWords, Overture or any other pay per click search engine you desire.

Research the most relevant keyword phrase(s) that best describe your website
Determine any possible niche markets that you may be able to tap into
Create targeted keyword rich ad copy for your campaigns
Management of your PPC accounts with regular tweaking of your ad campaigns to ensure the best possible placement

Adjust your cost per click rates and daily budgets to ensure that your placement is not only ranking high, but also to keep you on track with your monthly budget
Send you monthly reports with the status of your ad campaign and make recommendations when necessary.

Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay Per Click marketing has become the standard for obtaining guaranteed top search engine positions in many of today's top search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. This method of search engine marketing will not only allow your website to reach over 80% of all Internet users, but at the same time will allow you an opportunity to sell your products and services directly to those who are searching for them.

A Pay Per Click marketing effort, managed correctly, is a beneficial method of generating highly qualified traffic to your website relatively inexpensively. Search engines use the power of paid inclusion partnership agreements to get your listings high on the search results and to display them across many different venues. Therefore, with just a few advertising buys, we have the ability to list your website on many of the web's top portals and search engines.

We offers the following suite of Pay Per Click Management Program and Services:

PPC Keyword Research

We excel at drawing qualified traffic to your site by researching and bidding on those keywords that expedite conversions, generate ROI to make your PPC campaign a resounding success.

PPC Copywriting

A compelling Ad copy is integral to your PPC campaign. It can either encourage customers to buy from you or shop with your competitor instead. You need effective PPC Ad copy that attracts, informs and converts.

PPC Bid Management

PPC auction environments are extremely volatile. Competitors bid aggressively on popular keywords to maintain their position on PPC listings. This results in frequent change in bids for targeted keywords requiring an ongoing PPC Bid Management program. India SEO has the requisite expertise and professionals to provide you with a complete bid management program.

PPC ROI Tracking and Analysis

Your PPC campaign is likely to be placed on more than one PPC search engines. It can be an extremely time-consuming process to track your ROI and keyword performance on a day-to-day basis. India SEo's Campaign Delivery Managers monitor your ROI and tell you which PPC search engine and keywords are providing the most value for your investments.

We understand that every business enterprise has one objective- to generate more revenues. Our PPC methodologies aligned with industry practices, give you the desired leverage to achieve effective conversions and positive ROI.

The Benefits:

Cost effectiveness - if no one clicks on the link, you pay nothing — but people still see your ad.

Immediateness - campaigns are live within days or even hours.

Control - you can control when campaigns are run based on demographics, search habits and business cycles.

Targeted - you can control to very high levels where your add is seen (country) and micro-manage individual keyword phrase bids for best ROI.

Monitoring & Reporting - you can monitor and adjust spending on a daily basis.

Do you want to attract qualified traffic to your site-Quickly?

Looking for a company with the business acumen to launch, deploy and manage your PPC advertising campaign?

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Frequently asked questions about RSS

What is RSS?
The acronym "RSS" stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary". An RSS feed, also known as a "news feed", is a syndicated news feed in an XML format that you can subscribe to.

What is a news feed reader?
A news feed reader, also known as a "news aggregator", is software that lets you subscribe to RSS feeds.

Why should I use a news feed reader?
Using an RSS feed reader allows you to be alerted when new articles on the topics you're interested in are available. Many feed readers will pop-up a new window when a new article is available, or are integrated into mail clients or web browsers. When you are alerted of the new article, you can click on a link that will take you directly to the article.

Where can I get an RSS feed reader?
There are many freeware and shareware readers, use this link to run a web search for a reader.

What is web syndication?
Syndication on the web means that a section of a Web site is made available for users or other sites to use. The RSS feeds on this page are an example of syndication of

I have some questions or feedback for you regarding these feeds

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Submission Tips & how search engines work

India-seo Company

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Submission Tips

This section of Search Engine is primarily for webmasters, site owners and web marketers. It covers search engine submission, placement and marketing issues. It explains how search engines find and rank web pages, with an emphasis on what webmasters can do to improve their search engine rankings by properly submitting, using better page design, HTML meta tags, and other tips.

Search Engine Submission
"Search engine submission" refers to the act of getting your web site listed with search engines. Another term for this is search engine registration.

Getting listed does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular terms, however. It simply means that the search engine knows your pages exist.

How Search Engines Work

The term "search engine" is often used generically to describe both crawler-based search engines and human-powered directories. These two types of search engines gather their listings in radically different ways.

Crawler-Based Search Engines

Crawler-based search engines, such as Google, create their listings automatically. They "crawl" or "spider" the web, then people search through what they have found.

If you change your web pages, crawler-based search engines eventually find these changes, and that can affect how you are listed. Page titles, body copy and other elements all play a role.

Human-Powered Directories

A human-powered directory, such as the Open Directory, depends on humans for its listings. You submit a short description to the directory for your entire site, or editors write one for sites they review. A search looks for matches only in the descriptions submitted.

Changing your web pages has no effect on your listing. Things that are useful for improving a listing with a search engine have nothing to do with improving a listing in a directory. The only exception is that a good site, with good content, might be more likely to get reviewed for free than a poor site.

"Hybrid Search Engines" Or Mixed Results

In the web's early days, it used to be that a search engine either presented crawler-based results or human-powered listings. Today, it extremely common for both types of results to be presented. Usually, a hybrid search engine will favor one type of listings over another. For example, MSN Search is more likely to present human-powered listings from LookSmart. However, it does also present crawler-based results (as provided by Inktomi), especially for more obscure queries.

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17 Feb 2006.

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India SEO Company, Seo Services,

India-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an indian based Company.

One of the pioneers in Search Engine Optimization in India, we offer our expertise to ensure that your website gets a higher ranking on key search engines. Services include Tag and Content Modification, Page Validation as Standard Compliant HTML and CSS.... and many more >>>.

We provide following Services :--


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